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Super-apps are Super-charging Hiring for Employers and Staffing Agencies

The usage of business apps has doubled since the beginning of Covid. And it’s super-apps that deliver workers a more flexible, consolidated, seamless candidate experience leading the way. Not to mention the huge benefits employers and staffing agencies are seeing from direct access to pre-matched talent and faster hiring in the midst of an extreme shortage of hourly workers.

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Apps run our lives.

85% of Americans own a smartphone.

90% of the time we spend on our phones is on apps.

40 Americans have an average of 40 apps on their phones.

10 The average person opens 10 apps per day.

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More than 70 million Americans are hourly workers.

And they’re frustrated with the hiring process.

60% of workers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.

77% of workers have been ghosted by a prospective employer since the onset of Covid-19.


Hourly workers have a gig mindset now.

They’re happy stitching together multiple work experiences in a week. 

70% of them want the flexibility to select their
own shifts.

49% of them are willing to take a pay cut for more control over their work schedule.



And they expect to do it on their phones.

75% of job seekers want to use an app to find work.


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Hourly workers have a gig mindset now.

73% of workers say the process of looking for a job is one of the most stressful events in life.

50% of job seekers have declined an offer due to poor candidate experience.

56% of applicants encountered a technical issue during the application process.


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Companies and staffing agencies are paying attention.

65% of organizations are now focused on building talent pools of the future.

85% of business leaders believe that more automation will give employees more time to focus on company goals.

68% of recruiters say that investing in new technology is the best way to improve performance.


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Super-apps get candidates the information they need faster, mitigate the administrative burden on employers in the hiring process, and allow recruiters more time for personal touch.

94% of job seekers say understanding how to follow-up on an application is one of the most important things to them.

82% of candidates consider an employer’s reputation before applying.

82% of job seekers share positive experiences and 69% share negative ones.


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Taking advantage
of modern technology gives employers
an edge.

78% of organizations are either currently using AI in their process automation efforts or planning to implement it soon.

6x Hiring is 6x more effective when you use AI.



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The WurkNow platform helps companies and staffing agencies:

• Digitally transform their business in months, not years

• Increase candidate to hire conversion rates by 6X

• Grow their brand and loyalty with private labeled apps

• Automate costly admin tasks to reduce overall cost of hire



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By combining the entire employment process into a single, modern, intuitive digital experience, WurkNow helps employers and agencies find workers now, and whenever they need them.



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